Bullying Awareness Week


I’m really hurt because they have been teasing me for my whole life. I have no friends and stay home every day of the week with absolutely nobody. Bullying has gotten me to drop out of school, fail in life, and become a nobody. I never did anything wrong to anybody to make me feel this way; I try my hardest every day.

If you are a member of the media looking to contact Kids Help Phone about Bullying Awareness Week, please email media@kidshelpphone.ca.

Nearly 3,500 Kids Help Phone counselling sessions a year relate to bullying. And in 2013, Kids Help Phone saw a 10% increase in calls related to bullying and harassment during Bullying Awareness Week.


Take action

Nothing hurts more than to know that youth are suffering alone. But they don’t have to. Buy a kid some time with a professional Kids Help Phone counsellor. For as little as $25, you can ensure that kids experiencing the pain, fear, and anxiety that bullying can cause will have access to Kids Help Phone’s anonymous, confidential counselling 24/7.

Bullying hurts. When it happens, kids need to know that they have somewhere to turn. With your donation, Kids Help Phone will be there – always. DONATE NOW.


Get Informed

Bullying rates in Canada are higher than two-thirds of The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries; 78% of Canadians believe that not enough is being done to stop bullying in their communities. Unfortunately, almost half of the time, kids do not tell an adult when they’ve been bullied.


Did you know?

The best way to stop bullying is to prevent it. Working to promote environments based on respect and empathy, and reaching out and being inclusive of others are great ways to stop bullying from happening in the first place.

Research proves that Kids Help Phone counselling is highly effective: 84% of phone clients learn options or strategies for dealing with their problems and 71% of Live Chat clients experience an increase in clarity on how to move forward.7


Get social

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Host an Event

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Order Materials

Kids Help Phone’s youth campaign materials are available to schools and youth-serving agencies across Canada. They are available free of charge and can be ordered online, thanks to the generous support of our donors.


Tip Sheets from Kids Help Phone

What can you do to help if your kid is being bullied? Kids Help Phone has developed the following tip sheets to help young people and their parents learn about bullying, and what they can do if it’s happening to them.

Bullying: Kids
Bullying: Teens
Bullying: Adults
Cyberbullying: Kids
Cyberbullying: Teens
Cyberbullying: Adults
From the National Aboriginal Health Organization:
Bullying: Youth
Bullying: Teachers
Bullying: Parents




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