Kids Help Phone’s top tips for #FirstPride

first-pride-tips-kids-help-phone-mainNever been to Pride? Like lots of other young people we talk to at Kids Help Phone, you probably have some questions. We’ve put together this handy tip sheet to help you own your #FirstPride in style.

  • Pack the practical stuff. Sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, comfy shoes and water are all must-haves.
  • Leave space for free stuff. Because who doesn’t love free stuff? There are so many give-aways at Pride, so make sure your backpack holds all your essentials and space for all the freebies you can grab.
  • Bring an open mind. Pride is all about celebrating who you are in a judgment-free zone.
  • Ignore the haters. Not everyone is there to celebrate, but surround yourself with allies and supporters, and remind yourself that love is love.
  • Know the parade route. If you know the route, you’ll know where you are at all times, and even better, where all the fun stuff is happening.
  • Practice safe-sex. Nobody wants to stress out the morning after a hook-up. Make sure you always practise safe sex, especially at your #FirstPride.
  • Be safe with drugs and alcohol. Party smart, know what you’re taking and how much. Pace yourself and stay hydrated.
  • Broken heart? Breaking up hurts and lots of relationships can begin but also end during Pride. It’s okay to feel the way you feel but remember you’re surrounded by people who are fighting for love so take a step back and enjoy the moment. And remember, Kids Help Phone is always open so if you need to talk, you can call 1-800-668-6868.
  • Pack a portable phone charger. How are you supposed to upload that selfie with a dead phone?
  • Know yourself. Have a really good think about what you are and are not willing to do sexually, stay true to yourself as Pride continues, and always remember – use protection.
  • Don’t feed into fear. The LGBTQ community continues to focus on creating a safe space and delivering a welcoming experience for all. Recent unfortunate events will not knock down the spirit and culture of the LGBTQ community.
  • Be prideful and enjoy yourself. Be prepared to see and/or experience people who support the unfortunate events in Orlando. Know who you are and know that you are not alone in your community.
  • Download the Kids Help Phone Resources Around Me app – it allows you to search for resources in your community like Counselling and Mental Health Support, Sexual Health Support, Housing Support, Legal Support, Job Help and even more.