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Kids Help Phone Live Chat Service


“On Live Chat, I often connect with teens who otherwise would not have reached out for help. This is particularly true for young people coping with self-harm or eating disorders, who often see Live Chat as a first ‘easier’ step to getting help.”

– Cheryl-Lynn, Kids Help Phone counsellor


2011 – Kids Help Phone began looking at Live Chat software in order to expand its service channels for young people. We consulted with over 500 young people and other help lines across the world.

2012 – Live Chat counselling begins – Operating for limited hours each week, Live Chat quickly became a resounding success – queues typically fill within 15 minutes when the service opens.

2013 – We expand service hours to four nights per week and by one hour each night.

2014 – We experience a 29% increase in demand for Live Chat counselling over the previous year.

2015 – We expand Live Chat by eight hours of counselling times per week to five nights per week, reducing wait times from 39 minutes to 18 minutes over the previous year.

Live Chat works

Our service evaluations have found that: