Volunteer Programs

Ready to make a difference in your community? There are plenty of ways to volunteer with Kids Help Phone. Whatever your interests, availability, or goals, we have a place for you to join our team. To apply today, complete a volunteer registration form. To find out more about opportunities in your area, contact your regional Kids Help Phone office.

Youth Engagement

Young people can be part of the Kids Help Phone team as leaders in their school and across Canada.

School Clubs

Make an impact in your school and start a Kids Help Phone School Club. School clubs are trained and provided activities to make emotional health and wellness a priority in school. Sign up today!

National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC)

This group meets monthly from September to June and provides direction and development on specific projects. For more information, click here.

Youth Working Groups

These groups are mobilized periodically throughout the year to provide input as we develop new tools, resources, and content.

Community Engagement and Leadership

Kids Help Phone Ambassadors

Volunteer Ambassadors create a physical presence in communities across Canada. Ambassadors spread awareness by sharing an understanding of Kids Help Phone in support of outreach and fundraising.

Event Committees

Event planning committees provide support in the planning and execution of community fundraising events. Each committee is unique. Members work as a team, and typically groups meet monthly with some activities in between. Each member can take the lead on position-specific duties between meetings and will have a leadership role onsite during the event.

Event Day Support

Volunteers help us onsite at fundraising events with all sorts of activities. Community events simply would not be possible without the support of our event day volunteers!

Event volunteers experience the excitement of an event while making new connections and supporting our important cause. We host events in each region across Canada

Department and Project Support

Student Placements

Looking to complete an academic student placement at Kids Help Phone? We offer a variety of placement opportunities for students in many departments. For more information on available placements, please contact us.

Special Projects

Special project volunteers commit to a pre-determined length of time in a role that is tied to a specific project. Whether it is doing research, data work, group workshops, or something else, project volunteers experience the satisfaction of providing time and skills, and seeing the end result.

Office Administration

Volunteers provide support to a variety of administrative tasks in our office locations.

Virtual Volunteerism

Join one of our virtual panels and share your knowledge, skills, and time from the comfort of your home. We are currently developing two virtual panels; one for experts and one for youth.

Youth Panel

For students up to 24 years of age. Here, students can offer feedback and insight as we develop tools, resources, and content for our services.

Experts Panel

Do you have a specific area of knowledge and experience that you would be willing to share with us? This panel is for the experienced professional, and is a place to share your expertise in a given area in response to challenges we will pose each month.