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Event Details

Here are a few important details to remember for the tour:

  1. Homes will be open for tour from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  2. Bags will be provided for each individual on the tour to use for footwear. Please wear shoes/boots that are easy to slip on/off.
  3. Photos: To ensure the privacy of our homeowner’s, we do NOT allow photos to be taken at any time during the tour.
  4. The homes are numbered in the passports but please feel free to visit them in whichever order you prefer! Volunteers at each of the homes can offer you directions to the next location on your list!
  5. If you wish to do so, you may split the tour up over the two day period. It is important to note that you are only permitted to visit each home once. Passports will be stamped at each location as you tour.
  6. Washrooms in the homes are NOT for public use. Please plan accordingly!
  7. Regrettably, we cannot accommodate wheelchairs or children under 12.

We look forward to seeing you on this year’s tour!