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My parents are breaking up – am I responsible? Amelie’s* story

by Kids Help Phone - March 16, 2016 under Hope

I was really scared for my future. So much was going on at once and none of it has been good for me or my family. I’d been failing school all year, my best friend had stopped talking to me and on top of all that my parents were breaking up. Part of me was […] Read more

A sense of belonging helped me stop bullying: Joe Eppele’s story  

by Joe Eppele - November 16, 2015 under Bullying, Celebrity Ambassadors, Hope

I’m a CFL free agent, and prior to that I was lucky to be part of the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto, playing on the winning home team, the Toronto Argonauts. I played college football for Washington State University before I was drafted to the CFL. I’m originally from BC. I was born in Squamish and […] Read more

Sometimes hope can be enough

by Kids Help Phone - May 25, 2015 under Hope

“I feel so alone. I don’t know what to do with life anymore. I have goals and dreams to become someone, but I can never make them. What’s wrong with me?” – actual post to kidshelpphone.ca Societal, family, and academic pressures are some of the main reasons young people reach out to Kids Help Phone. […] Read more

Hope: do kids these days have enough of it?

by Cheryl-Lynn - May 21, 2015 under Hope

“A lot of young people who contact us tell us that they feel hopeless,” says Cheryl-Lynn, Kids Help Phone counsellor. “But once we start talking to them about what has them feeling that way, we often find that these young people are actually feeling powerless.” Every day, Kids Help Phone helps to empower young people […] Read more

Everything happens for a reason: A Q&A with Kids Help Phone Celebrity Ambassador Phoebe Dykstra

by Phoebe Dykstra - February 24, 2015 under Celebrity Ambassadors, Hope

Phoebe Dykstra, originally of Balmoral, Manitoba, quickly became a distinct Canadian television host as a MuchMusic VJ and later on MTV Canada. In these former roles, Phoebe shared her uplifting personality with thousands of viewers across Canada. She also bravely shared her personal experiences with bullying and disordered eating. As a self-proclaimed “open book” and […] Read more

Why bullies need help too: A Q&A with Joe Eppele, Kids Help Phone Celebrity Ambassador

by Joe Eppele - February 19, 2015 under Bullying, Celebrity Ambassadors, Hope

Joe Eppele is a top-tier, successful Canadian athlete—after playing college football for Washington State University, he helped the Toronto Argonauts take home the 100th Canadian Football League Grey Cup in 2012. He is now a CFL free agent. He’s a commanding presence, standing at 6 foot 8 now, with a solid, athletic build. So it […] Read more

I found the confidence I needed: A teen’s story

by Kids Help Phone - February 17, 2015 under Dating, Hope, Sexting

I’d been dating my boyfriend for a year when I reached out to Kids Help Phone. We used to play this game online with a bunch of other friends. My boyfriend started talking to one of the girls from the game over email. Later, I found out they were also talking through text, which really […] Read more

How to be more hopeful: 10 tips for the whole family

by Kids Help Phone - January 27, 2015 under All, Hope

What does the word “hope” mean to you? It’s a word that many of us use: “I hope the rain stops soon.” “I hope I get the job.” “I hope I feel better tomorrow.” But do you ever stop to think about how important hope really is? Hope is more than a figure of speech: […] Read more

An orchestra of hope: A counsellor’s story, by Angel

by Counsellor Angel - January 22, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story, Hope

It was my first week working at Kids Help Phone. Although telephone counselling was new to me at the time, I was confident that with my education, experience and training I would be able to connect in a meaningful way with callers. Then the unexpected call came. It was a teenage girl who was alone […] Read more

We’re here to believe in kids: A counsellor’s story, by Louise

by Counsellor Louise - January 19, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story, Hope

“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark,” George Iles once said, and kids do exactly this when they reach out to us with an issue or problem they need to talk about. Often they’re not exactly sure what they want, other than needing a safe place to unload their troubles. So when […] Read more