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On identifying as LGBTQ, coming out and being bullied: Justin Preston’s story

by Kids Help Phone - June 2, 2016 under All, Bullying, Dating

  One of the first times I realized I was attracted to other guys happened the summer before my first year of high school in 2007. I was visiting my cousins in Crystal Beach and we were play fighting on the lawn. The brother of my cousin’s best friend came over. I remember running and […] Read more

Guest blog: The 12 Commandments of Teen Love, by Mara Shapiro

by Mara Shapiro - March 19, 2015 under Dating

Yesterday I had a lovely talk with my son. He informed me that he’d decided not to get together with his adorable little girlfriend (they’re 15). He said that he missed her and the idea of her more than he missed the actual her. I was proud of his insight. Until he told me that […] Read more

Talking about sexting with your teen

by Kids Help Phone - March 6, 2015 under All, Dating, Sexting

Sexting: it’s probably not a regular topic around the dinner table, but if it came up with your kids, would you know how to handle it? It can be uncomfortable for parents and teens to talk about sex, dating, and relationships, and it doesn’t help that technology has added a whole new level of complexity […] Read more

There are calls that still get “under the skin”

by Kids Help Phone - March 4, 2015 under Dating

Violence against women isn’t a new topic. In 2014, popular Canadian radio host Jian Ghomeshi made headlines when he was alleged to have sexually assaulted a number of women. Across the border, similar reports also emerged about Bill Cosby. And Ray Rice of the NFL was also arrested and subsequently indicted after assaulting his partner […] Read more

So there was this guy… A teen’s story, by Lily*

by Kids Help Phone - March 2, 2015 under Dating, Sexting

There was this guy, Sam*, who I really liked and when he started texting me I was so, so happy. We would text for hours about all kinds of things – just normal, everyday stuff like school or music or whatever. But then it became more like sexting. At first I was okay with that. […] Read more

Guest blog: Sexting and the Law in Canada, by Dr. Andrea Slane

by Dr. Andrea Slane - February 25, 2015 under Dating, Sexting

Many parents are concerned about what their children might be doing online. Many have heard about the toll that cyberbullying can take on victims, especially when that cyberbullying takes the form of passing around a sexual picture from phone to phone to phone, and thereby using the picture to ridicule, harass, and humiliate the individual […] Read more

I found the confidence I needed: A teen’s story

by Kids Help Phone - February 17, 2015 under Dating, Hope, Sexting

I’d been dating my boyfriend for a year when I reached out to Kids Help Phone. We used to play this game online with a bunch of other friends. My boyfriend started talking to one of the girls from the game over email. Later, I found out they were also talking through text, which really […] Read more