“I can’t remember a night I have not cried myself to sleep since I was 11”: A counsellor’s story, by Cheryl-Lynn

by Cheryl-Lynn - August 25, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

“Hello, you’ve reached a counsellor. How can I help you tonight?” I waited.  I heard soft sobs; he spoke so fast, I could not decipher his story. “Are you safe right now?  Are you okay?” “Yes, I am safe. I’m at home alone.  My parents are at my school meeting teachers. It’s the parent-teacher meeting […] Read more

Some secrets are too big to keep: A counsellor’s story, by Louise

by Counsellor Louise - July 20, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Weather can affect a counselling day. If the weather – good or bad – is keeping kids indoors, there’s a good chance we’re gonna be hearing from them. And it’s not just boredom…they may have been considering contacting us for a while and this imposed restriction just provides the opportunity they’ve needed to take time and […] Read more

I wish this was unusual but sadly it’s not: A counsellor’s story, by Louise

by Counsellor Louise - July 13, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Sometimes, in the midst of a call, you get a sense that it’s a pivotal moment for the young person at the other end. And most often we’re privileged to be a witness to their thoughts, feelings, experiences… She was 15 and full of bravado when she first came on the line. She was and […] Read more

“I could hear in his voice how alone he felt.” A counsellor’s story, by Dave

by Counsellor Dave - July 3, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

I’ll never forget the call I took from a young man a few years ago. At first it seemed he wasn’t even at all sure what he wanted to talk about. I soon realized, though, he was making small talk with me so he could decide if I was someone he could trust, someone he […] Read more

“I knew she was going to be safe.” A counsellor’s story, by Shannon

by Counsellor Shannon - June 25, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Working in a 24/7 environment means that we all work different shifts, so we cannot guarantee that kids will get the same counsellor if they call again. Because, we help these young people with “in the moment” counselling sessions, we encourage them to develop a relationship with the service rather than with specific counsellors. Because […] Read more

“This young man’s life was saved that night.” A counsellor’s story, by Dave

by Counsellor Dave - June 18, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

A number of years ago I took a call from a young man, about 17 years old, who told me quite matter-of-factly that he was going to kill himself that Friday night. In the first few minutes of the call, I did what all counsellors are supposed to do:  I listened and managed to ask […] Read more

Connecting with kids in Canada’s most isolated communities, by Counsellor Lindsay

by Counsellor Lindsay - June 9, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

“There’s about 100 people in my town.” “I live about 4 hours from anything” “You have to take an airplane to the nearest hospital” “It feels like I’m a million miles from anyone who can help me” Many issues that young people face are isolating. If you’ve ever struggled with depression, self-harm, or suicidal thoughts […] Read more

He didn’t know what to do: A counsellor’s story, by Louise

by Counsellor Louise - June 2, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Often it’s particular calls that bring home the poignant nature of what we do here. I used to say that every day there’s one kid I come to work for, that one that calls needing “to be heard” and that I’m here to listen to. Once, it was a call from the Northwest Territories. A […] Read more

The truths that need to be heard: A counsellor’s story, by Cheryl-Lynn

by Counsellor Cheryl-Lynn - May 6, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Do you remember January 1st, 2000? I remember looking up into the sky at those fireworks, at 00:01 standing on Front Street in Toronto.  Many people worldwide wondered if our computers would crash and what the future held for us. I knew I had a passion to reach out and help.  In July, 1999, I […] Read more

Searching: A counsellor’s story, by Shannon

by Counsellor Shannon - May 1, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

While Kids Help Phone is known for its phone counselling, thousands of young people also connect with us online every year through our website, kidshelpphone.ca. There, they can find an online counselling feature called Ask Us Online where they can create a pseudonym to maintain confidentiality and anonymity, and submit their question or concern to be […] Read more