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Fostering healthy body image in teens: A parenting expert’s perspective by Alyson Schafer

by Alyson Schafer - January 6, 2017 under All, Body Image

Every day, parents talk negatively about their bodies, unaware that their children might be listening. Children quickly learn that physical looks matter, and that thin is preferable. Some children may mistakenly reason that their whole worth is based on meeting societal standards for how they should look. Now stop for a second and consider how […] Read more

5 tips for supporting the young person in your life with body image

by Kids Help Phone - December 20, 2016 under All, Body Image

Canada’s most common New Year’s Resolution this year — for teens and for adults — was to lose weight. While setting health-related goals can be positive, framing them negatively and setting unrealistic goals can set us up for failure. The new year is a time for self-reflection and renewal, but too often for teens in […] Read more

Do weight loss resolutions fuel body image issues? A Q&A with Counsellor Sarah

by Kids Help Phone - December 30, 2015 under Body Image

With the New Year almost upon us, it can be tempting to line up resolutions to guide us as we set off into another exciting year. But are they ultimately helpful, or harmful? Many New Year’s Resolutions relate to weight and body image, so we’ve sat down with Kids Help Phone Counsellor Sarah to talk […] Read more

Look in the mirror today and embrace the true you

by Anonymous - February 9, 2015 under Body Image

Dear Friend, I used to have this big fear of looking in the mirror. As a child I absorbed every ounce of negativity people would throw at me, regardless of how big or small the insult may have been. I can clearly recall in Grade 3 a girl told me that my eyelashes were too […] Read more