Finding inner strength: A counsellor’s story, by Victoria

by Victoria on December 2, 2014 under Counsellor’s Story

When the phone rings, you never know what’s going to happen when you pick it up. Will it be a simple request, such as finding local counselling or healthcare resources? Or will it be someone in tears, panicked, due to something they’ve just experienced or a deep pain they’ve been carrying a long time? You […] Read more

“Today I still feel terrible for the bullying I did…”

by Joe Eppele on November 28, 2014 under All, Bullying

This story comes from Joe Eppele, Grey Cup champion and offensive lineman for the Ottawa RedBlacks. Joe is also a former Toronto Argonaut. I’m 6’8” today; in Grade 1, I was already much taller than the other kids. My growth spurts made me really physically awkward, and I was bullied for it – the name […] Read more

“I would get bullied, but I would always pretend that nothing was bothering me.”

by Nikki Y on November 21, 2014 under All, Bullying

This guest post comes from Nikki Y, a friend of Kids Help Phone. At just 22 years old, Nikki has topped both jazz and pop charts, performed with orchestras and big bands, and sold out festivals and major theatres around the world; in 2010, she sang to 3.2 billion people – half the world’s population […] Read more

Kevin helps a friend being bullied: A counsellor’s story, by Cheryl-Lynn

by Cheryl-Lynn on under Bullying, Counsellor’s Story

Glancing at the clock, it reads 9:05 p.m. – almost time for me to go home. The phone rings. “Jeunesse J’écoute, hello, Kids Help Phone.” A nervous voice says, “Can I talk about a friend who is having a problem?” “Absolutely, you sound pretty upset right now,” I say. Kevin explains that he is worried […] Read more

Being strong means reaching out

by Megan Landry on November 20, 2014 under Bullying

This post comes from Megan Landry, a young singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario. Megan has kindly allowed us to share her story here. About two years ago, I recorded a song called “Stronger” that I’d written when I was 14, and posted online when I was 15 with a self-made video. It’s about anti-bullying. The lyrics […] Read more

The First Phone Call: A counsellor’s story, by Sonia

by Sonia on November 12, 2014 under Counsellor’s Story

Imagine that you’re sitting in your room with all of the heaviness of your thoughts and emotions, debating whether or not to call Kids Help Phone. You have so many questions and so much uncertainty, but the only thing that you know for sure is that you need to talk to someone … … COURAGE […] Read more

“Really?” A counsellor’s story, by Lindsay

by Lindsay on under Counsellor’s Story

“Really?” It’s a question that I hear a lot….too often, if I’m being honest. The genuine disbelief in the voice on the other end still surprises me and probably always will. The young people who contact Kids Help Phone are so incredibly strong, courageous and resilient; it pains me to know that so many don’t […] Read more