On her own at 16: A counsellor’s story, by Aren

by Counsellor Aren on April 13, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

In most provinces teens are allowed to leave home at the age of 16. At that age parents are allowed to send kids packing and kids are, according to the law, mature enough to fend for themselves. That’s where the law moves away from reality sometimes. Just because kids are expected to take care of […] Read more

When I’m not home, Kids Help Phone is: by Susan Hallsworth

by Susan Hallsworth on April 7, 2015 under Parents Talk

“Mommy, when you are you coming home?” Heartbreaking words to hear on Skype when I can see my little boy in tears wanting to hug before bed. Last year, I travelled a number of times to my hometown to help my parents as my mom went through brain surgery and chemo. I was away longer […] Read more

Eric’s biggest fear was disappointing his parents: A counsellor’s story, by Aren

by Counsellor Aren on April 3, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Even though Kids Help Phone counsellors don’t sit face to face with our clients, it often amazes me how much emotion can be conveyed through spoken and written words alone. Time and time again I hear how fearful young people are of losing their parents’ trust, acceptance and respect. I remember one web post from […] Read more

A typical day that’s never a typical day: A counsellor’s story, by Claire

by Counsellor Claire on March 31, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

What I love about working at Kids Help Phone is that you never know what your day will be like, just like you never know where the conversations you have with young people will take you. I arrive at the office just as the day staff are leaving, big mug of tea in my hand. […] Read more

Guest blog: I always thank Kids Help Phone for being there for me, by Courtney

by Courtney on March 30, 2015 under In My Own Words

This blog comes from Courtney, a former Kids Help Phone intern and volunteer. Courtney first interned with Kids Help Phone in 2013, and then continued to volunteer with us into 2014. I knew when I started researching places for my internship that I wanted to work within a non-profit, but when I received an email in […] Read more

“I am improving a lot, but only because of Kids Help Phone.” A counsellor’s story, by Claire

by Counsellor Claire on March 26, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

“…And I hate bothering people with my problems, but the weird thing is I always am the go to person when someone has a trouble, like with anything really (Even relationships) but I don’t understand why they come to me with the relationships because I’ve never had a boyfriend (Cause Im too ugly for anyone […] Read more

When kids feel overwhelmed by a friend’s problems

by Kids Help Phone on March 24, 2015 under All

Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors often hear from young people who are worried about their friends. In today’s world, those friends can be kids from the neighbourhood, sports teams, school, or kids known only online. To help put the focus on kids who help kids, we talked to Jason, a counselling manager at Kids Help […] Read more

Guest blog: The 12 Commandments of Teen Love, by Mara Shapiro

by Mara Shapiro on March 19, 2015 under Dating

Yesterday I had a lovely talk with my son. He informed me that he’d decided not to get together with his adorable little girlfriend (they’re 15). He said that he missed her and the idea of her more than he missed the actual her. I was proud of his insight. Until he told me that […] Read more

When friends drift apart

by Kids Help Phone on March 18, 2015 under All

Drifting apart from a friend isn’t unusual. No matter what age you’re at, friendships can change for a number of reasons. People grow apart, priorities shift, schedules become more hectic, and responsibilities change. While it can be common for friendships to change and for friends to grow apart, this can be a difficult experience at […] Read more

“I thought this could never happen to me.” A counsellor’s story, by Claire

by Counsellor Claire on March 17, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

“I thought this could never happen to me. I can’t believe I’m here.” “I remember seeing a poster in my school about an abusive relationship. I remember thinking to myself, ‘how could she let someone do that to her? I’m a strong female. That will never happen to me!’ And now here I am. I […] Read more