Sometimes hope can be enough

by Kids Help Phone on May 25, 2015 under Hope

“I feel so alone. I don’t know what to do with life anymore. I have goals and dreams to become someone, but I can never make them. What’s wrong with me?” – actual post to Societal, family, and academic pressures are some of the main reasons young people reach out to Kids Help Phone. […] Read more

Hope: do kids these days have enough of it?

by Cheryl-Lynn on May 21, 2015 under Hope

“A lot of young people who contact us tell us that they feel hopeless,” says Cheryl-Lynn, Kids Help Phone counsellor. “But once we start talking to them about what has them feeling that way, we often find that these young people are actually feeling powerless.” Every day, Kids Help Phone helps to empower young people […] Read more

Supporting your kids: Tips from Counsellor Sonia

by Counsellor Sonia on May 19, 2015 under All

One question we often receive at Kids Help Phone is, “what can parents do if they need advice on how to support their child?” Helping youth navigate friendships, school, break-ups, mental health, bullying, abuse, self-harm, suicide, or any other concern that youth face can be very challenging. Although Kids Help Phone is a counselling line […] Read more

The truths that need to be heard: A counsellor’s story, by Cheryl-Lynn

by Counsellor Cheryl-Lynn on May 6, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Do you remember January 1st, 2000? I remember looking up into the sky at those fireworks, at 00:01 standing on Front Street in Toronto.  Many people worldwide wondered if our computers would crash and what the future held for us. I knew I had a passion to reach out and help.  In July, 1999, I […] Read more

Searching: A counsellor’s story, by Shannon

by Counsellor Shannon on May 1, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

While Kids Help Phone is known for its phone counselling, thousands of young people also connect with us online every year through our website, There, they can find an online counselling feature called Ask Us Online where they can create a pseudonym to maintain confidentiality and anonymity, and submit their question or concern to be […] Read more

These are kids who are wise before their years: A counsellor’s story, by Louise

by Counsellor Louise on April 22, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Without a doubt, there are no calls harder to take than the ones that come to us from kids dealing with abuse. These are kids who are wise before their years, as the saying goes, but no matter how bright and articulate they might be, there is never any doubt about the kind of courage […] Read more

You are stunning! A counsellor’s story, by Cheryl-Lynn

by Counsellor Cheryl-Lynn on under Counsellor’s Story

I looked at the clock and noticed there was an hour left on my shift. It was a busy evening, alright, but I like that because time passes quickly. I had done two hours of Live Chat and I was now back on the phones after my dinner break. It is odd to call our […] Read more

What keeps us connected: by Jason, Counselling Manager

by Counselling Manager Jason on April 20, 2015 under All

I have had the privilege of working as a counselling manager at Kids Help Phone since 2006. The role of the counselling managers here is to be a support to our counsellors, the people who ensure the phones are answered 24/7. At Kids Help Phone, we pride ourselves on always “being there for kids” and […] Read more

She wanted to move forward: A counsellor’s story, by Shannon

by Counsellor Shannon on April 17, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

Some kids contact Kids Help Phone once and that’s all they need. Others, like Mackenzie*, reach out to us numerous times throughout the years. Mackenzie, who was in her late teens, had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, one of the most intense behavioural disorders. One time, she called Kids Help Phone because she was […] Read more

Finding inner strength: A counsellor’s story, by Victoria

by Counsellor Victoria on April 15, 2015 under Counsellor’s Story

When the phone rings, you never know what’s going to happen when you pick it up. Will it be a simple request, such as finding local counselling or healthcare resources? Or will it be someone in tears, panicked, due to something they’ve just experienced or a deep pain they’ve been carrying a long time? You […] Read more