My parents are breaking up – am I responsible? Amelie’s* story

by Kids Help Phone on March 16, 2016 under Hope

I was really scared for my future. So much was going on at once and none of it has been good for me or my family. I’d been failing school all year, my best friend had stopped talking to me and on top of all that my parents were breaking up. Part of me was […] Read more

The time I almost went through with it: Marie-Claude Savard’s story

by Marie-Claude Savard on February 18, 2016 under Celebrity Ambassadors

1986 The ringing in my ears is getting stronger. I can feel that I’ll lose consciousness any time now and it will be too late. Time passes, but I’m no longer sure that I want to go. I’m afraid. I want to end my suffering. I feel completely alone in my pain. Every minute, every […] Read more

How to set safe sexting boundaries: Lily’s* story

by Kids Help Phone on February 10, 2016 under Sexting

There was this guy, Sam*, who I really liked and when he started texting me I was so, so happy. We would text for hours about all kinds of things – just normal, everyday stuff like school or music or whatever. But then it became more like sexting. At first I was okay with that. […] Read more

To sext or not to sext? Lea’s* story

by Kids Help Phone on February 9, 2016 under Sexting

My friend and I were in a chat room and started to talking to this guy. He seemed really nice. He was 18 and was really interested in me and my friend. He asked us lots of questions like where we went to school, what our favourite bands are and what we liked to do. […] Read more

Do weight loss resolutions fuel body image issues? A Q&A with Counsellor Sarah

by Kids Help Phone on December 30, 2015 under Body Image

With the New Year almost upon us, it can be tempting to line up resolutions to guide us as we set off into another exciting year. But are they ultimately helpful, or harmful? Many New Year’s Resolutions relate to weight and body image, so we’ve sat down with Kids Help Phone Counsellor Sarah to talk […] Read more

Nikki Y’s important message to Kids Help Phone

by Nikki Y on December 2, 2015 under Celebrity Ambassadors

I am so excited to be named Kids Help Phone’s new National Celebrity Ambassador. It means so much to me to be a part of this cause and to be able to let everyone know during Bullying Awareness Week. As someone who has been bullied first hand, I can’t tell you how important it is […] Read more

A sense of belonging helped me stop bullying: Joe Eppele’s story  

by Joe Eppele on November 16, 2015 under Bullying, Celebrity Ambassadors, Hope

I’m a CFL free agent, and prior to that I was lucky to be part of the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto, playing on the winning home team, the Toronto Argonauts. I played college football for Washington State University before I was drafted to the CFL. I’m originally from BC. I was born in Squamish and […] Read more

Hockey Canada’s Tom Renney on bullying education in the sport

by Tom Renney on November 10, 2015 under Bullying

In my role with Hockey Canada, I have the opportunity to travel to cities and towns across the country. I often have parents asking for my opinion on the benefits of playing hockey – while I could go on for days about why I love the game, I have boiled down my answer to list […] Read more

Helping kids is the most important thing to me

by Kids Help Phone on November 6, 2015 under All

Mucho Burrito franchise owners share their reasons why Kids Help Phone means so much to them Nearly 3,500 Kids Help Phone counselling sessions a year relate to bullying. That’s why Mucho Burrito, Canada’s leading fast-casual Mexican restaurant, is working to raise $75,000 for Kids Help Phone with its Grab Bullying by the Horns campaign this November. […] Read more

Carol Todd wants you to #LightUpPurple for World Mental Health Day

by Carol Todd on October 2, 2015 under Mental Health

When you think about mental health, what words come to mind? For me, it’s kindness, respect, empathy and compassion. I believe it’s so important for these emotions to be taught and shared at the earliest of ages because embracing these basic skills of humanity can potentially decrease the amount of harmful behaviours that we may […] Read more