How Kids Use Our Service

The services provided by Kids Help Phone are available in all communities, providing any child the opportunity to talk if they want to. We do this confidentially, without judgment, and in the way that suits each one best.

By Phone:

Young people across Canada have a diverse set of needs and preferences for accessing help. Those who reach out to us by phone prefer talking through their problem.


Through Our Websites:

AskUsOnlineOur internationally recognized, award-winning websites (Teen, Kids, French, English) engage youth through various interactive tools, online counselling services, and games that develop self-knowledge and life skills.

LiveChatLive Chat connects young people to a professional counsellor for real time, one-on-one counselling. It’s message-based so it’s just like texting with a friend, only here youth have the comfort of knowing that, no matter what is written, everything is always confidential.

We also offer Resources Around Me, a free, interactive tool, available in English and French, through Kids Help Phone’s website. The tool is the largest database of youth-serving resources and services in Canada. It allows youth to independently connect with more than 10,500 trusted programs and services in their communities, including mental health services, sexual health services, shelters, legal support, LGBTQ services and culturally-relevant and ethno-specific services.


Our App:


The Kids Help Phone app, Always There, provides a password protected space for youth to log their feelings, receive youth-submitted inspirational quotes, tips on taking care, and jokes aimed at helping cope with stress. Always There provides age-appropriate information on emotional heath and relationship topics, including bullying, and offers direct phone or online links to Kids Help Phone and Resources Around Me. It’s just one of the innovations we use to meet today’s constantly evolving communications trends, allowing us to reach as many young people as possible.