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Walk so Kids Can Talk
presented by BMO

The Walk so Kids Can Talk presented by BMO is a fun and inspirational 5K walk where thousands of kids, adults, families, schools, community organizations, and corporations join together to support kids in Canada. Register Today

Teens Talk, but is Canada listening?

Kids Help Phone surveyed 1,319 teens across Canada and asked them about the problems they face and who they turn to for help. The results are in. Learn more

Start a Kids Help Phone School Club

Does stress, bullying, anxiety and relationship issues affect students in your school? Tackle this by starting a Kids Help Phone School Club! Read more

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Fostering healthy body image in teens: A parenting expert’s perspective by Alyson Schafer

Every day, parents talk negatively about their bodies, unaware that their children might be listening. Children quickly learn that physical looks matter, and that thin is preferable. Some children may mistakenly reason that their whole worth is based on meeting Read more

5 tips for supporting the young person in your life with body image

Canada’s most common New Year’s Resolution this year — for teens and for adults — was to lose weight. While setting health-related goals can be positive, framing them negatively and Read more

“I was heartbroken and felt worthless and lost. Just like I did right after my dad died”: Laurel’s* story

My dad passed away about four years ago and my family hasn’t been the same since. In fact, we really haven’t coped at all. I pushed myself to get back into Read more

Moving out and leaving home for the first time: Margot’s* story

I was 16 when I decided to move out of the house. For a number of reasons, I just couldn’t live with my mother anymore. She had her own issues Read more

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1 in 5

One in five teens in Canada reported that they had seriously considered suicide in the last 12 months and of those teens, almost half had formulated a plan.