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Kids Need Kids Help Phone

Now more than ever, kids need Kids Help Phone. Our professional counsellors are continually in touch with young people from across the country. This contact keeps us keenly aware of the emerging needs of young people Read more

How Kids Use Our Service

The services provided by Kids Help Phone are available in all communities, providing any child the opportunity to talk if they want to. We do this confidentially, without judgment, and in the way that suits Read more

Youth Materials

It’s easy to promote Kids Help Phone’s free, professional counselling services in your school, library, waiting room, or anywhere young people are. Learn more

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Sometimes hope can be enough


“I feel so alone. I don’t know what to do with life anymore. I have goals and dreams to become someone, but I can never make them. What’s wrong with me?” - actual post to Societal, family, and academic pressures are Read more

Hope: do kids these days have enough of it?

“A lot of young people who contact us tell us that they feel hopeless,” says Cheryl-Lynn, Kids Help Phone counsellor. “But once we start talking to them about what has Read more

Supporting your kids: Tips from Counsellors Sonia

One question we often receive at Kids Help Phone is, “what can parents do if they need advice on how to support their child?” Helping youth navigate friendships, school, break-ups, mental Read more

The truths that need to be heard: A counsellor’s story, by Cheryl-Lynn

Do you remember January 1st, 2000? I remember looking up into the sky at those fireworks, at 00:01 standing on Front Street in Toronto.  Many people worldwide wondered if our computers Read more

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Every little bit helps

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life, but I wanted to call and thank you for listening. You were the only ones who did.”
– 14-year-old caller