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Honour Your Teacher and show how much you care.

Your child's teacher doesn't need another coffee mug. This year, make a meaningful gift in their honour and receive a special card to show them you care. Give now

BroTalk: A New Support Service for Teen Guys

Kids Help Phone is proud to introduce BroTalk, a new counselling service for teen guys across Canada. Learn more

Start a Kids Help Phone School Club

Does stress, bullying, anxiety and relationship issues affect students in your school? Tackle this by starting a Kids Help Phone School Club! Read more

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Kids Help Phone’s top tips for #FirstPride


Never been to Pride? Like lots of other young people we talk to at Kids Help Phone, you probably have some questions. We’ve put together this handy tip sheet to help you own your #FirstPride in style. Pack the practical Read more

What’s Pride really like? #FirstPride Q&A with Counsellor Shannon

With Pride festivals kicking off around the country, we sat down with Kids Help Phone Counsellor Shannon to talk about what it’s like for a young person to attend their Read more

On identifying as LGBTQ, coming out and being bullied: Justin Preston’s story

  One of the first times I realized I was attracted to other guys happened the summer before my first year of high school in 2007. I was visiting my cousins in Read more

How calling Kids Help Phone was the start of my healing journey: Rachael’s* story

From the age of six, my father molested me. At first it was just leers, touches and kisses, but over time, it became more. I thought what was happening to me was Read more

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“I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life, but I wanted to call and thank you for listening. You were the only ones who did.”
– 14-year-old caller