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One Day – Nikki Yanofsky

Singer Nikki Yanofsky has released a new love song called “One Day,” performed with Jason Collier, in time for Valentine’s Day and is generously donating the proceeds from each download to Kids Help Phone. Read more

Kids Need Kids Help Phone

Now more than ever, kids need Kids Help Phone. Our professional counsellors are continually in touch with young people from across the country. This contact keeps us keenly aware of the emerging needs of young people Read more

Youth Materials

It’s easy to promote Kids Help Phone’s free, professional counselling services in your school, library, waiting room, or anywhere young people are. Learn more

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So there was this guy… A teen’s story, by Lily*


There was this guy, Sam*, who I really liked and when he started texting me I was so, so happy. We would text for hours about all kinds of things – just normal, everyday stuff like school or music or Read more

It hurt so much: A counsellor’s story, by Aren

John’s* girlfriend had broken up with him. Kids Help Phone gets many posts, calls, and Live Chats from young people who feel devastated when their relationship breaks up. That’s why I Read more

She was getting the help she needed: A counsellor’s story, by Louise

Sometimes there can be a certain mood on the floor as counsellors take calls and the evening drifts deeper into the night. This happens partly because we can hear each Read more

Guest blog: Sexting and the Law in Canada, by Dr. Andrea Slane

Many parents are concerned about what their children might be doing online. Many have heard about the toll that cyberbullying can take on victims, especially when that cyberbullying takes the form Read more

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“I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life, but I wanted to call and thank you for listening. You were the only ones who did.”
– 14-year-old caller