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Walk so Kids Can Talk
presented by BMO

The Walk so Kids Can Talk presented by BMO is a fun and inspirational 5K walk where thousands of kids, adults, families, schools, community organizations, and corporations join together to support kids in Canada. Register Today

Kids Need Kids Help Phone

Now more than ever, kids need Kids Help Phone. Our professional counsellors are continually in touch with young people from across the country. This contact keeps us keenly aware of the emerging needs of young people Read more

Youth Materials

It’s easy to promote Kids Help Phone’s free, professional counselling services in your school, library, waiting room, or anywhere young people are. Learn more

Kids Help Phone Blog

“I am improving a lot, but only because of Kids Help Phone.” A counsellor’s story, by Claire


“…And I hate bothering people with my problems, but the weird thing is I always am the go to person when someone has a trouble, like with anything really (Even relationships) but I don't understand why they come to me Read more

When kids feel overwhelmed by a friend’s problems

Kids Help Phone's professional counsellors often hear from young people who are worried about their friends. In today’s world, those friends can be kids from the neighbourhood, sports teams, school, or Read more

Guest blog: The 12 Commandments of Teen Love, by Mara Shapiro

Yesterday I had a lovely talk with my son. He informed me that he’d decided not to get together with his adorable little girlfriend (they’re 15). He said that he Read more

When friends drift apart

Drifting apart from a friend isn’t unusual. No matter what age you’re at, friendships can change for a number of reasons. People grow apart, priorities shift, schedules become more hectic, and Read more

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Every little bit helps

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life, but I wanted to call and thank you for listening. You were the only ones who did.”
– 14-year-old caller