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Resources Around Me

Resources Around Me is the largest database of youth-serving programs and services in Canada. Owned, operated and maintained by Kids Help Phone, it allows youth to search and locate resources in their community. Learn more

BroTalk: A New Support Service for Teen Guys

Kids Help Phone is proud to introduce BroTalk, a new counselling service for teen guys across Canada. Learn more

Start a Kids Help Phone School Club

Does stress, bullying, anxiety and relationship issues affect students in your school? Tackle this by starting a Kids Help Phone School Club! Read more

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My parents are breaking up – am I responsible? Amelie’s* story


I was really scared for my future. So much was going on at once and none of it has been good for me or my family. I’d been failing school all year, my best friend had stopped talking to me Read more

The time I almost went through with it: Marie-Claude Savard’s story

1986 The ringing in my ears is getting stronger. I can feel that I’ll lose consciousness any time now and it will be too late. Time passes, but I’m no longer sure Read more

How to set safe sexting boundaries: Lily’s* story

There was this guy, Sam*, who I really liked and when he started texting me I was so, so happy. We would text for hours about all kinds of things Read more

To sext or not to sext? Lea’s* story

My friend and I were in a chat room and started to talking to this guy. He seemed really nice. He was 18 and was really interested in me and Read more

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“I don’t know what’s going to happen in my life, but I wanted to call and thank you for listening. You were the only ones who did.”
– 14-year-old caller